t hroughout his journey William Wallingford Worm tries to emulate the lifestyles of insects and animals from different walks of life. After failing repeatedly, Willy becomes discouraged and gives up...until achance encounter finally allows him to find his own niche in life.

page14 Just after his lunch, he was watching some bees, as they buzzed among blossoms with diligent ease. They were collecting nectar for their hive. This is how honeybees stay alive.

page 16 Later that day, Willy met a creature who had on her back an unusual feature.This is my house, she explained to him. I go inside when the weather is grim. And best of all, wherever I roam, here or there, I'm always at home.

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Reader Comments
Great story. I teach enrichment to kids prek-3 and this fits great with our current self esteem curriculum. kkgump1 | 9 Months ago
What an absolutely wonderful story! This should be a required storybook in every kindergarten to impress upon children the importance of positive thinking and that each and every one of us has unique talents to share and delight in!  A Beautiful Book! awakeningtothelight | 1 year ago
Very sweet story and a lesson well learned. janetlw | 1 year ago
Great message and adorable illustrations. jhnsnwerks | 1 year ago
Loved it! The story is so encouraging for kids and grown ups alike. willy allmusic85 | 1 year ago
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